NCLEX Review classes for FREE in NYC

  1. 0 the necessary nclex review: a free, 2-hour workshop

    march 31, 2009
    4:30 pm to 6:30 pm
    visiting nurse service of new york
    1250 broadway (at 32nd street)
    6th floor / conference rooms 6a & 6b
    ny, ny 10001

    are you a nursing student or recent rn graduate studying for the nclex? the necessary nclex review provides a variety of accelerated learning techniques-from mnemonics and acronyms to color association and music-designed to help you think faster, prioritize better, delegate safely...and pass the nclex exam! collaboration and interaction add fun to this free, two-hour workshop.


    registration in advance is required. to register, call 212-609-7956 or email us. registration closes on march 25, 2009.
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