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Has anyone applied and heard back regarding testing or acceptance/rejection notifications? All I keep getting is a letter stating what they have received in terms of paperwork and also stating i... Read More

  1. by   pjwinstalls
    Has anyone been able to register yet or received anything regarding registration? Its like 6 weeks out from the start of classes, this is getting crazy.
  2. by   Lilmisskris1113
    I called admissions early last week. they said to expect letters this week about when to come in. we should be able to register mid december. absolutely crazy bc I still need to take micro and most of the classes are full -_-
  3. by   brookrn24
    yes same here! I have been waiting to hear about registering for Spring classes. This is very stressful!
  4. by   pjwinstalls
    Has anyone been able to make a registration appointment yet? Been calling for 2 days and the contact person doesn't answer the phone or return messages.
  5. by   Lilmisskris1113
    same here! now we have to wait till monday to start calling again
  6. by   brookrn24
    same here - called all day - no answer or return call to register.
  7. by   shawoltic
    Called today, and still didn't pick up. I emailed her last week, and she still hasn't gotten back to me yet. This is getting ridiculous, has to be another way of registering for classes.
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  8. by   pjwinstalls
    Same here....spoke to admissions and they verified she is in the office. Told me I should just call, thats what i have been doing since thursday.
  9. by   pakattack
    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first ever comment on this website. I've actually just been told that they're still accepting applications for Spring 2018. I'm late in finding out about this program and wondering if I would still have a chance of getting in. I do not have a 3.3 GPA (sadface), but I've taken all my pre-reqs with a 3.7 GPA for them. I've had some clinical experience as well. I wonder, would I still have a chance even though I'll be applying so late in the game?
    Also, could I ask where this application is available? I checked the undergraduate application, but its for high school graduates.
    Any information or encouragement would be so helpful!
    Thank you! & Happy soon to be Holidays
  10. by   Lilmisskris1113
    It wouldn't hurt to apply. I filled out a paper application at the school so I'm sure about anything online. are you applying for dual degree or regular BSN? if you are doing dual degree then you would need to take the nelson denny reading exam and math screening exam. the nelson denny plays a factor along with your gpa in terms of your acceptance for the dual degree only. regular bsn doesn't have a gpa requirement (maybe 3.0?) but you would just have to take nelson denny and math screening to see if you would need to take remedial courses. I would apply as soon as possible and check online or call for the nelson denny and math screening schedule as a priority. classes are still open so I would deff give it a shot
  11. by   tsimone
    I am also in the same boat. I graduated with a not so good GPA however my pre-reqs GPA is a 3.8. I really want to get accepted into the Dual Degree program at Molloy however I am aware that my undergrad GPA might hinder my chances. Does anyone have any suggestions on what route to take. PLEASE PLEASE!
  12. by   pakattack
    So glad to hear that I'm not alone! I wish we had a fighting chance, but these days.. those who apply to the accelerated programs or dual degree programs, usually have A LOT of clinical experience and on top of that, great GPAs... and so it cuts out people like us.. It's a terrifying feeling.