Molloy BSN spring 2018 - page 5

Has anyone applied and heard back regarding testing or acceptance/rejection notifications? All I keep getting is a letter stating what they have received in terms of paperwork and also stating i... Read More

  1. by   brookrn24
    It was a big envelope for the acceptance - the math results was in a small envelope
  2. by   Nancy521
    Hey! I'm having the same issue. Did you ever figure it out?
  3. by   Alicia1636
    I did well on the nelson denny. So thankful and my stage on the portal states accepted stage as of today. Just dont have the math results yet. Just hoping i can afford it
  4. by   brookrn24
    Has anyone found out when the registration is for classes after being accepted?
  5. by   Lilmisskris1113
    I still haven't heard anything, they said they'd be sending us a letter when to come in? I'm getting stressed bc I've been looking at classes and the good professors are filling up quick already
  6. by   thegreat
    So I took the denny nelson and math exam the week of 10/30/2017. I received notice the following week that I passed both exams. It is now 11/16/2017 (2 weeks later) and I have not received any updates on the portal or letter about getting an acceptance. Does anyone know if passing both exams still means there's a possibility that you didn't get in?
  7. by   pjwinstalls
    Lilmisskris1113, When did you send your deposit it?
  8. by   Lilmisskris1113
    I gave my deposit to admission on oct 26
  9. by   pjwinstalls
    lilmisskris1113, I assume that was for the dual degree...?
  10. by   Lilmisskris1113
    Yuppp are you dual degree too? Did you register?
  11. by   pjwinstalls
    No Basic BSN. and no
  12. by   brookrn24
    Is there is anyone that has been notified for registration dates for the Spring 2018 traditional BSN class? Have been waiting!
  13. by   Cfilpo

    Is anyone still receiving acceptance letters?