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LTC Nursing Rehab

  1. 0 Anyone out here work LTC for Nrusing Rehab? Im looking in the downstate area, Long Island, Suffolk County.
    I had belonged to a group(who shall remain nameless....) and they never got their act together for a membership meeting, even a phone conversation or mentorship.....blah blah blah...

    I supposed Im looking for others running the NR program in their LTC facility, and a refrence point from those experienced, and for myself to be one, for those who need help.

    I also post in the Restorative Nsg. forum under Specialties.

    Hello???? Is there any body out there?? Just nod if you can hear me..........

    You get the idea.

    Sometimes God turns on the SitcomNurse Channel. Its like Comedy Central for Her.