LPN to RN bridge programs New York City

  1. Are there any LPN to RN programs within New York City, or near NYC, that anyone can suggest for an LPN who has a 3.2 GPA? How long does the program take? How did you get in? What was your GPA? What is your opinion of it so far? Suggestions?
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  3. by   EMTYankeeFan
    i dont know about nyc but ive seen a few online. if you go to google and type LPN-RN bridge in the search some should come up... also keep in mind if you see LVN-RN (LVN and LPN ) are the same thing. i guess on the west coast they are called Licensed Vocational nurses good luck.
  4. by   caffeineRx
    Thanks. I hope to find a decent one, in NY, soon..because I'm having serious doubts about my college.
  5. by   EMTYankeeFan
    If you dont mind me asking where did you apply????? Also check out the hospital based schools like Beth Israel or St. Pauls (formally St. Vincents) they arent cuny cheap but they arent NYU expensive either. GOod luck
  6. by   caffeineRx
    I really would rather not say it on here, as it is SUCH a small program ( I think) that my privacy might be at "risk" per se lol. I'll email you.
  7. by   sweetlie143
    hi, did u find any lpn to rn bridge program colleges.? i am new in ny. i live in queens. can anyone recommend lpn to rn bridge program colleges. i'd really appreciate. i feel so lost.
  8. by   sherikhawo
    u should check at laguardia and monroe college...