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Long island University Nursing program

  1. 0 Hi,
    I am a bit confused with something concerning my application to the L.I.U. Brooklyn
    B.S. in Nursing. I applied to the school and I just received a letter in the mail saying I was accepted, but it did not say into the nursing- just that im accepted into L.I.U. Brooklyn. I am getting a little paranoid that I filled out the wrong application and that I only got accepted into the university. Is there a separate application for the nursing programs? If so can anyone please direct me towards it and how to finish or find out what is next ? I really hope I didn't mess up!!
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    Well have you ever been to college before and if so have you completed your prerequisites for the nursing program. With most schools there is a different application to the upper division of nursing, but they usually require 2-3 years of prerequisites first. Hope I helped.
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    From what I understand, once accepted to the school they will evaluate your transcript and tell what you need to take and then send you to take the HESI. Depending on your score, you will then be admitted to the program. A girl at my school is going through that right now.
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    Moved to New York State Nursing Programs for more response.

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