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LMSW pursuing degree in Nursing.

  1. 0 Hello community. I am currently A Licensed Master's Social Worker for a couple of decades. Yup... Currently enrolled in an Associate Program and nearly completed the courses required before starting Nursing Clinical. I checked my transcript and appears that I am eligible to start clinical Nur 112, however, I want to finish my two remaining science courses first. Today I had an interesting conversation with a colleague and it was pointed out that this route may be a waste of time since I currently possess a Bachelor's Degree and Master. Does anyone know of a program that would accept previous BA and Masters level course combined with my newly acquired course work from my pre-clinical outline. I have eng 101/201, math 104, psy 100/240, bio 425 and chem 121. Has anyone in this community made a transition such as this. If so, what did you do and what was the level of difficulty or ease in transitioning? I don't want to waste time with course work and unnecessary financing if there is a better option. Thanks
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    Many schools in NYC offer an accelerated bachelors program for people who already have a bachelors in another specialty. CUNY Hunter, Lehman, NYU, Columbia, Pace University are a few in our area. The program is an intensive 12 to 18 months long.