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    I received my letter today. I passed my exam
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    Congratulations!!!!! I got my letter today as well.. I passed!!!!
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    Quote from FutureNurse_Graham
    I received my letter today. I passed my exam
    Congrats!!! Your def motivation to schedule my exam! 😊 Any tips?
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    Thanks!!! If English is ur 1st language u have nothing to worry about with reading.... As for math focus on fraction, decimals, know the rules for Integers, and percentages.
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    It's basic math and reading comprehension. Try not to focus on the time limit. Just complete as many as u can. They grade the amount you got correct out of how many you completed
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    Congrats everyone! Are you all attending or waiting on other programs?
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    I'm attending Ms. NurseHopeful are you?
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    Quote from FutureNurse_Graham
    I'm attending Ms. NurseHopeful are you?
    Yes! I am still waiting on this background check!! So slow! Did you turn everything in yet?
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    No I'm gonna do it either 2morro or weds.... Did u rush the background check?