1. I received my letter today. I passed my exam
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  3. by   WhatGodhasforme201
    Congratulations!!!!! I got my letter today as well.. I passed!!!!
  4. by   FutureNurse_Graham
  5. by   ashsoontobeRN
    Quote from FutureNurse_Graham
    I received my letter today. I passed my exam
    Congrats!!! Your def motivation to schedule my exam! 😊 Any tips?
  6. by   FutureNurse_Graham
    Thanks!!! If English is ur 1st language u have nothing to worry about with reading.... As for math focus on fraction, decimals, know the rules for Integers, and percentages.
  7. by   WhatGodhasforme201
    It's basic math and reading comprehension. Try not to focus on the time limit. Just complete as many as u can. They grade the amount you got correct out of how many you completed
  8. by   Ms.NurseHopeful88
    Congrats everyone! Are you all attending or waiting on other programs?
  9. by   FutureNurse_Graham
    I'm attending Ms. NurseHopeful are you?
  10. by   Ms.NurseHopeful88
    Quote from FutureNurse_Graham
    I'm attending Ms. NurseHopeful are you?
    Yes! I am still waiting on this background check!! So slow! Did you turn everything in yet?
  11. by   FutureNurse_Graham
    No I'm gonna do it either 2morro or weds.... Did u rush the background check?
  12. by   Ms.NurseHopeful88
    No I didnt rush it but I should have. I ordered it saturday. I want to ask for them to extend my deadline because of all the snow last week.
  13. by   FutureNurse_Graham
    Ms. NurseHopeful I rush my background check last night and went I went today to drop off my paperwork it was back. So now I jst have to bring in my deposit
  14. by   Ms.NurseHopeful88
    I just got my background check! I am going to drop everything off this week if it doesn't snow. I need to send in my deposit as well. Im so excited!