Hunter College Adult NP Program

  1. 0 Does anyone know about, know someone, is or has enrolled in the Hunter College Adult NP Program?
    I am looking online and it says In state residents $3.680.00 per semester max.
    Compared to Columbia University which is about 70K and NYU about 65-70K in total for the program without interest..... This seems too good to be true.

    My goal is to be an Adult NP with specialty in Cardiology or get a Masters in Health Care Administration. (The decision is a whole other story itself lol)

    I currently work at MSKCC and Columbia NYP.

    Will choosing to save money and going to Hunter College hurt my career as an NP? Or is it a really reputable school for this kind of program?
    I am currently researching all nursing programs of NYC still; I am open to hear what people have to say.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Hunter College has a great nursing reputation in the city. The tuition is cheap because it's a state school, while Columbia is a private university. However due to the cheaper tuition, the admission process for Hunter is actually more difficult and also as a state/public college they have less seats than a large private university like NYU or Columbia do.

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