Hi South Oaks Hospital, LI

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    Any one heard of south oaks hospital in long island? I just got hired there wondering how it was.. Any feedback will be appreciated!!

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    are you a new grad? whats starting salary? i have an interview.
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    Hey salary is low 30/hr and no I'm not a new grad
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    How did ur interview go? Did u get hired?
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    hi sorry, i actually did not end up interviewing with them, but now they called me again. I have another interview set. What ever happened? Are you working there? feedback? thanks!
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    Yes I work there it's good I like it
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    I went for first interview. Supposed to have second interview next week. Is it 8 hour shifts? Also they told me would have to work every other weekend. Is that both Saturday and Sunday? Thanks.
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    Yea it's 8 hour and every other Saturday and sinday
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    How did it go?
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    Quote from RN315
    How did it go?
    Had second interview today. Went fine. Said HR may call for a night shift. Will see.

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