Help taking entrance test at sw boces

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    Hey dropped off my application 2day at sw boces received a date to take test in 3wks is that enuff time to study..also wat book shud I b studying from???...I'm lost...I really want to pass I don't kno if I shud try & change my test date not sure if 3wks is enuff time..don't wanna overdo it either..for all That my mind might jus go

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    Hi! Did you take your test yet? I just took mine on May 11. Hoping I did well. Best of luck to you!
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    @Bellasoleil hey i took my test on the 27th of april i recieved my scores around the 14th of may..did u recieve your results as of yet???
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    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I just received my scores on Friday. How were your scores? Hoping to get a call soon!
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    EVERYTHING WAS REALLY GOOD EXCEPT FOR MY MATH... BUT I got a call and did my interview already...recieved my acceptance letter already around the 22nd....(God is good)......YOU WILL GET A CALL..u have to claim it hun...see u in september.......keep me posted!!!
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    Hiiii again. I just got a call for an interview. So excited! My interview is Monday @ 10am. Anything I should kno before then?
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    Moved to NY Nursing Programs for more response.
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    they r gonna ask u questions like...
    Tell me a little about yourself?
    why do u want to b a nurse?
    What do you think lpn does?
    where do you see yourself in 5years?
    what are your strenghths and weakness?
    what was the most difficult time in your life?
    what was the most diffficult decision u had to make?
    how do you best study..i.e in a group, alone
    also how you plan to support yourself, if you have children what arrangements will u make for them,

    good luck girl!!!...Remember You got This...
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    Thanks SO much. I'm starting to get nervous. How many people interviewed u?!
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    Hi, I just took my test June 13th and I'm hoping my scores get here fast. Iam trying not to think about them but it is proving to be impossible!! I would like to go to the day Program...

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