Graduated 4 yrs ago, just passed NCLEX..hiring possiblity?? Graduated 4 yrs ago, just passed NCLEX..hiring possiblity?? | allnurses

Graduated 4 yrs ago, just passed NCLEX..hiring possiblity??

  1. 0 Just wondering if there was anyone else in my position. I graduated 4 years ago on Dec 2008, and didn't get my license till 2012. I've been applying to hospitals in Westchester, rockland counties, NYC..for about 3 months now and haven't even gotten an interview. Anyone else in the same boat?? Anyone in my situation but got a job?? All I see are open spots for "new grad" or "experience required", but I'm not really either of those. Any input is greatly appreciated..
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    If you have no obligations consider appliying upstate ( syracuse/buffallo ectect) It has been incredibly difficult in ny metropolitan area. I graduated May 2011, licensed in January 2012. The few hospitals that I have been fortunate to recieve a response really stress a strong desire for acute care*** experience. A few of my former classmates have had much better luck. Just landing an interview seems so incredibly hard to do...... This coming from a guy who was deans list, experience tutoring, mentoring, customer service ectect. Keep your head up. It's a numbers game.... Hit/miss. You will find something. Hopefully the market for new grads/ stale new grads improves soon.

    Sry for the lack of grammar/organization. I do not have Internet/ using my phone.
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    Thanks so much for the advice and encouragement. If you don't mind me asking, what route did you end up taking? Were you able to find a job in a hospital upstate? Or are you currently working in another health care setting? It's so discouraging to read and hear about the difficulty of nurses (old and new grads) in finding a hospital job. I've already started looking into nursing homes, etc. I can only be unemployed for so long. And unfortunately, it would be difficult for me to apply/work upstate because I have two kids, so it would be too far of a commute and I'm in no financial position to relocate. I guess, as you said, I just have to keep my head up. Thanks again for the input. Best of luck to you
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    Not a problem.

    Currently I’m unemployed, and frantically searching for a temp job to stay afloat until I land my first RN position. I posses my ADN, and recently have enrolled in a RN to BSN program. You WILL find something….. the sooner the better obviously! Just remember, this crisis is only temporary.