Free Cna Course In Nyc??

  1. 0 Hello All,

    Does anyone know of any FREE CNA training in the NYC area?

    Also, what is the average pay for a CNA in NYC?

    Thanks to all who reply
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    Hi There,

    If you are 21 years or older, there is The Adult Learning Center in all 5 boros that offer the program for free! (I think that program is about 6 months long though) This is the website:

    You can also go to your local New york Workforce1 Center and apply for a Indiviual Training Grant of up to $2500 guaranteed!! The only Requirement is that YOU make (doesnt matter if your married) under $56,000 annually and pick training for a job thats in demand. Here is the website to workforce center: <- This is the route I took!

    MOST CNA PROGRAMS ARE 4-6 WEEKS LONG. (better then 6 months if you ask me)

    Hope This helps Honey! Good luck in whatever you do. :-)

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