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first year nursing student looking for experience in NYC

  1. 0 this is my 1st year of a 2yr program nursing school and i have a break between may 11-june 2, i was hoping to find an extern in nyc, but their deadlines have passed and i wouldnt have made their 3.5 GPA requirement anyway. im hoping to work under a nurse as i need much improvement on many patient-nurse skills, bedside work, assertiveness and lots for personal enhancement. not required by school, but i would like to join some kind of program to work on these skills in the city since theres really nothing in albany here.

    i guess volunteering with medical care would be okay too. idk anything in nyc that i can get work/volunteer experience as a student nurse and hopefully learning a bit. any suggestions? ive heard about lenox hill hospital, but i would have to call them to get the nitty gritty details
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