Does anyone knows of Agencys hiring LPNs in nyc? - page 2

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Recently Graduated from LPN school and now i'm looking for a job. Does anyone know of any agencys currently hiring LPNs? Doesn't matter where in the 5 boroughs since i'm willing to travel. Please help... Read More

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    About Advance Care staffing, i went in to fill out an application, but i didn't have all my documents. I will give them in tomorrow and i will update.Starting at the nursing home provided was $24 an hr, NO BENEFITS.
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    Hi, i wanted to know how do you like working with the agency? Do you know of any other jobs hiring? Thanks in advance.
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    Quote from jagged777
    I am considering volunteering at a hospital probably once or twice a wk to gain experience n start applying again
    Volunteer yes, expect a job no. I'm volunteering at a hospital in NYC almost a year. Was told from various places it was not considered experience. You'll gain experience talking to patients and making beds. Otherwise it's usually nothing hands on cause you're not covered under the hospitals' insurance.