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I'm so nervous!! I got As in English, Psychology and Philosophy, but a C+ in Bio 150. Even if I do well, say over 140 composite score in the NLN exams (which I am taking in a week), does the C+ in Bio hurt my chances a lot? Do... Read More

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    I god accepted too!

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    Congrats! And you thought you didnt do so well on the NLNs! Which section are you registered for?
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    Lol I thought so. Guess I was wrong. I'm in 2751. How about you??
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    Yess Seraphel i got in as weelll!! Section 2701 :-)
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    Good luck to both of you!!! have you guys started reading yet or no?? lol it's a lottt, but it's doable. we have a good amount of time left
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    @seraphel and @BM90
    Im applying for spring 2012
    my overall GPA is a 3.2 and A in ethics and anatomy, and B in psych and english
    took my NLN for the first time last week, got a 119 composite, did great in science and math, but just brutal on the english part (didnt make the 50 percentile, actially it was much lover)
    how did you guys do on the nln, what do you think my chances are getting in, i also have a BA in another field, dont donw if they consider that, thanks

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