COLLEGE OF NEW ROCHELLE! transfer fall 2012

  1. are there any cnr trasfers out there or already in the program...can u tell me how the program is bc im planning on transfering this fall...i have 3 pre-reqs left that im doing this summer
    just looking for any advice or tips!
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  3. by   shadowness
    Hello, It's pretty random that I saw your post but I am willing to help.

    I am actually graduating from CNR this summer (walking in may).

    As far as CNR as a school... It's good. There are a lot of intelligent professors there. What I must warn you about though is that you must be willing to put in the hard work. Nursing is NOT an easy profession/degree. The only downfall of CNR is that you need to do a lot of things yourself. You must be your own advocate. If you are the type of student who wants everything handed to you and you aren't willing to go get things and find things out yourself I suggest you find another school. The school is small so it is a plus because it becomes easy to get to know people. Class sizes are like 20-25 people which is great. Labs are only like 10-15 people depending. When I first went to the school I thought I'd hate it but looking back on it I learned a whole lot. I don't think that I would have received much better education for the money. A school like NYU or Pace may have been better but its also 10k more per year.

    If you have any other specific questions, I'd be more than willing to help you with them.
  4. by   Shalini0415
    thanks you so much!
    Im currently a hunter college student and i want to transfer into CNR this fall, and trust me doing the pre-reqs at hunter made me realize that i picked a tough but im looking forward to it and i heard the program is good

    were u at CNR from high school or did u transfer in...bc my main question is if i finish the pre-reqs listed online which i did and the 3 i have left this summer..will i be able to start the program this fall? I have to do nutrition and sociology..and i think they might give me math credit for my ap so that leaves 2 this yeah thats main my concern about just starting on time this fall..also i heard that many people finish nursing school in less than 2 this possible? bc im planning on starting this fall and finishing in 2014 ....

    thanks so much
  5. by   casado91
    I actually applied for the fall 2012 and will also be taking 3 pre-reqs in the summer. Did you take the TEAS exam?
  6. by   mg88
    I hope that we can finish in under 2 years. I've applied for fall a well.
  7. by   casado91
    i tried to answer your message but i couldn't since i don't have 15 posts. but i have not heard from them, but i did see on the application site that a decision was made and on its way! have you?
  8. by   mg88
    I still haven't heard anything. My application still says complete for review. I guess that's due to me submitting my hs application a few days after the deadline.
  9. by   JamieGurl21
    Hey everyone! I finally got my acceptance letter Anyone else know if they are going to be attending this fall? im a transfer student
  10. by   mg88
    Ughhh. I've been wait listed.
  11. by   JamieGurl21
    ugh. sorry. i don't like the administration there anyways. Something better will come along for you!
  12. by   mg88
    Hopefully. I applied to a few other schools but CNR was the closest and most convenient. So I'm holding out until the end of the month when they have a definite decision.
  13. by   JamieGurl21
    Most likely there will be a few people that decline their seat. There always is! Don't write them off yet. which other schools are you waiting to hear from??
  14. by   mg88
    LIU, Bloomfield, Adelphi, and Dominican which are all a good distance.