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    I applied to CNR for the Fall 2011 as a transfer student. According to the website, the deadline is May 21 but when do you find out if you are accepted? After you apply, you really don't hear anything from them again.

    Can anyone share their experiences with CNR? Classes? GPA and essay when applying? (hearing feedback from a transfer student would be great but I'll be happy with any response that has accurate info.)

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    I applied for the Fall semester and contacted admissions who informed me that within the first two weeks after May 21st is when letters will be mailed out to students. No other information is given unfortunately.
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    Spread love,
    Thanks. That's extremely late compared to other schools but what can we do. I have a few friends that already attend CNR but they really didn't say it was hard to get into. The program seems good from what they told me.

    Did you apply to any other schools? Have you completed all the preqs?
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    I applied to FDU for the Fall but no word yet. How about you? What schools have you applied to?
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    Initially, I applied to Hunter College but things happened so I only have CNR. Good luck! I hope we both get in. After reviewing their nursing program, I'm really set on going there.
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    I am awaiting to hear from CNR also. They are not very informative or talkative on the phone there.
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    Really? I thought they gave enough information when I called. I read stories on another post that some of them were snobby or didn't call back but that wasn't the experience I had with them; especialy if you talked to the admissions advisor L*****.
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    I agree with Dawn, the few times I've called they've been very short with questions and just keep mentioning the deadline is when you will get a response. Nothing more.
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    Same here, playing the waiting game...I have also applied for Fall 2011 as a transfer student, hopefully we all get good news soon...we also have to consider though that CNR has a late deadline compared to the other schools who had deadlines in Feb and Mar...good luck to all of us...
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    Almost may 22! good luck everyone! I'm so nervous!

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