Baruch student transfering to nursing program, how do you guys have backup plans?

  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm currently a student at Baruch, having matriculated a little over 50 credits with at 3.1 GPA with no focus. I've made plenty of mistakes in the past and i'm finally getting my act together and want to pursue nursing. I've completed my minor in psychology, and i'm looking to transfer to another CUNY for Nursing. I've read a couple of threads about people recommending having a backup plan if you dont get into the program, my problem is this... what kind of back up plans do you have?

    I will be sending in my transfer application for multiple cuny schools, HUNTER, LEHMAN, QCC, etc.. Hypothetically and ideally speaking, lets say i get into Hunter, i'd be there for a semester or two finishing the prerequisites in order to apply for their nursing program. however, as competitive as we all know it to be, what if I dont get in? would i then waste another semester transfering to lehman, and applying there? assuming the pre req requirements are the same between the two collegeS? i'm confused how you guys have back up plans.. Maybe i'm missing something here.

    I don't want to be jumping around schools and applying to each program one at a time. is there a way to apply to more than one program? from what i can tell, each school has different pre reqs, and using Cuny TIPPS, not all of them transfer... Any help would be great guys. thanks.
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  3. by   AliBryn
    I'm a Hunter student going for nursing. Whatever you do DON'T go to Hunter. All the science teachers I had were AWFUL! They try to fail their students. If you even make it through the classes getting into the program is so difficult. They "state" that you get in with a high gpa and high nln score. But I had a friend with a 3.9 and 145 score and he didn't get in. Save yourself the suffering.
  4. by   wrexv8
    i see. well what kind of back up plan do you have if you apply for the program and you dont get in??? assuming your not already in and still doing pre reqs?
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    Check my post here:

    Hopefully it will give you some insight.