Anyone work for The Arnot Ogden?

  1. I am just curious how many of you work at the Arnot in Elmira? I think that due to the "Small Town" community that people probably will not post. I just wanted to start a thread for us to chit-chat without divulging too much info, and hopefully allow us to vent if needed. In other words I wanted to start a thread that would allow us to discuss important matters at this facility without exposing who we are.
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    Ok...No Bites...I'll Start...How do you all feel about our cafeteria? I think it resembles a cave. And what is it with the portion control? I have noticed that if you do not want (example) the pasta and would prefer extra bread in its place they will charge you for 2 plates. I heard a rumor that when the "New Towers" are built we are getting a parking garage and possibly a new cafeteria...Has anyone heard this? Don't you think we need it? I thought that the introduction of the Java Hut was a great idea, and I think it has done way beyond the hospitals you think they are willing to step up the other food areas?