Admission interview at Adelphi University 2013

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    Has anyone received a call for an interview at Adelphi University. This is for the accelerated nursing program. I will like to hear your experience

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    Did you receive a call for an interview?
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    Hi, I had the interview last week...
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    How was it? what questions did they ask?
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    Was not too bad. They asked me to tell about myself, why do I want to be a nurse, why in Adelphi and why accelerated... Was less stressful then I thought it would be.
    Are you going to have an interview there as well?
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    I also had mine last week. The questions asked were also similar to Didi's questions. Although they did not ask me why I wanted to do the accelerated program at Adelphi. Christy do you have an interview with Adelphi.
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    Didi have you heard anything from Adelphi
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    Yes I did, I was accepted to the program
    How about you?
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    Yes, I was also accepted
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    Great! Are you a student at Adelphi now?

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