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    good that they are not doing a second degree program any longer. they did not manage it, the older students, and the resulting more demanding educational needs. the program was a joke. they school is being investigated by the state senate for poor performance. cnm is a much better program!!! i know. as a bsn-accelerated student, i used to take classes at cnm to attaing the training i was not getting at unm. nearly 1/2 of our class did not pass the nclex, too. terrible school.

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    UNM has the worst NCLEX passing rates in new mexico:

    NCLEX Pass Rate (RN Program): 76.1% (data from 2008)

    note,nearly all of the states community colleges test better than UNM! Making it, also btw, one of the worst performing BSN programs in the nation. Do your research.

    see: http://www.bestnursingdegree.com/pro...ng/new-mexico/
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    well done Jobo, UNM nursing is junk. I did research their passage rates (after acceptance) and even spoke to a few grads. All were unhappy. I guess you get what you pay for. I did not attend the school opting for a much better and cheaper CNM program. The UNM nclex passing rates are some the worst in the nation for 4 yr BSN program. Their charter should be revoked!

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