SFCC Program daily routine?

  1. I am hoping to be accepted into the SFCC nursing program this year. I am a mom of two teenage daughters and would love to know what my schedule would be during the week. I was told I would be in school and/or clinics Monday thru Thursday 8am - 5pm. Thanks for any insight you can give!
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  3. by   jjnRN
    Your week will change each semester, but M-Th is pretty accurate for most semesters with weekends for a few clinicals in 3rd semester most likely. It is a good program with great instructors who care about your education and experience. Class time and clinical time is only part of your schedule, you need to figure in reading, studying, and paperwork which will require a lot of time especially in the first and second semesters until you get used to the paperwork and managing your time. Time management is the most critical part of the program but you can do it. I know several single parents who did it and worked full time, not sure how they did it, but they did.

    Good luck, hope this helps.
  4. by   las2
    Thank you so much for your reply. My biggest concern is the start time. Will they be flexible - or try and work with your schedule? Do you always start at 8 and end by 5? My husband works long hours so my children depend on me for school/activities.

    Have you completed the program? If so, how do you think the program prepared you for the final exam - testing for your RN license?

    Again - thank you so much! So good to chat with someone who is there and has been thru the program.
  5. by   jjnRN
    You are an adult and responsible for your own learning, you get there after class start it is your responsibility to get the info you missed although some of the instructors may say something to you if it is a regular habit. Exceptions are tests and clinical days, you need to be there on time. No, 8-5 is not necessarily your day, clinicals will typically be 630 to about 2 or 3 the first semester, classes will start at different times depending on the day, class and instructor. e.g. Tuesdays class may start at 830 and Thursday may be 900 or 1000. You will not know the exact schedule until about 2 weeks before you start. The first semester will be your longest days from what I remember though, you have Nursing Principles for like 6 hours will go to 8hrs with a skills lab day I think on one day, then med calc for a couple of hours, and an assessment class with a lab, and pharmacology I class for about 3 hrs. So yeah I guess it is a 6-8 hr day of class for 3 days of the week and 1 day of clinical in which you will go to the hospital the night before (after class) to get your patient info.

    Yes, I completed the program in August and yes it does prepare you for the NCLEX. Again, you are responsible for your own learning but the program and instructors give you everything you need to be successful.

    It will be to your benefit to be there for every class, you will cover a lot of info in a very short time. You will feel overwhelmed, that you have no time for anything, and what the hell was I thinking but you can do it! All of the nursing programs will make you feel this way. Time management is the key, keep a schedule and record everthing you need to do in it with early reminders of due dates.

    Your welcome for the info.
  6. by   las2
    Thank you SO much! This was a HUGE Help! No let's see if I can pass the TEAS Test. The program I am in now does not require this test so I'm very nervous considering I've been out of school for almost 25 years. YIKES!