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Hello... I'm trying to find out the average pay scale for Albuquerque RNs (BSN prepared, if that makes a difference). I've looked online at sites that list the average pay scale for RNs in different areas, but I think the... Read More

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    As RN?

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    just a suggestion....
    ...if you are not sure of what an appropriate pay scale/amount is for your years of experience/background, you should always turn the question back around to the interviewer and ask:

    "(considering my xx years of experience...) what is the starting salary range for this position." in doing so, you are not putting the interviewer on the spot because you are merely asking, "what is the minimum and the maximum" salary range based upon your years of experience.

    i will tell you the interviewer will hesitate to answer (and let them!!! don't say another word!!); because he/she expects you to offer an amount---at which point, if you are too low they will be very happy... if you are too high, you may not hear back from them after the interview.

    ...just a suggestion...
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    Yes sailornurse, as RN
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    Quote from sailornurse
    As RN?
    Yes? Help!

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