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  1. Hello, I am a licensed nurse and will graduate from Madison Area Technical College in Madison, WI in December 2010 with an associates degree in nursing. I will sit for my NCLEX at sometime in January. I plan to move to Las Cruces, NM shortly thereafter. Please tell me about the employment opportunities in Las Cruces for new graduate RN's. What experiences do you have at the hospitals in the area? Do new graduate nurses work with a preceptor for training? I am also interested in knowing the average starting wages, sign on and retention bonuses. Do the hospitals encourage on-going education and help to pay for this education? Are there any incentives for housing?

    Based on what I see on the internet, housing appears to be reasonably priced and abundant. Please comment.

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  3. by   KarriRN
    I live near Las Cruces. I assume you already moved and I hope you got a job. As of right now, from what I heard, most of the hospitals are not hiring new grads. But I see jobs listed for experienced nurses all the time around there so youre best bet is to apply and see what happens. Pay should be around 23/hr. Housing is easy to find just be careful of the area. You could also look for jobs in El Paso Tx which is about a 30-1hr drive from Las Cruces. They hire a ton of new grads and have AMAMZING internships.