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Hi everyone, I have been reading the threads about NMSU. I beginning to get worried. I am applying to the Roadrunner(Summer09) and Pathways (Fall09). So far, I have not been happy w/ the disorganization of their website.... Read More

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    They can make an exception to your arrival to New Mexico. They are very helpful if you work with them.

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    make what exception????

    at this point i question there professionalism. i was sent an email only to say i'm an alternate. then a following email saying that's incorrect. why didn't they just place me in the pathways program? i applied for both. if i can qualify for the fatrack then place me in the other. rather than telling me i'm an alt. i'm also mad that they just are now telling me i have to take a drug test by april 9th and admissions test. i knew i would have to do both, but not a month and a half before. they expect me to fly there just for their test. then sit around until may 1st to wait and see if they still want me. i have a job and apartment i need to figure out what to do with. i have to vent b/c it has been a struggle just trying to apply to this place, they have changed their application 4 times since i considered their school. people have quit that gave me advice,etc.
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    Try calling them
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    of course, i plan on calling them. i got this message late friday. i can not contact them until monday. it was not the news i wanted to hear going into a weekend.
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    dont get upset. they will work out the things with you.
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    thanks, for the encouragement. i have been working so hard for 1.5 years and have sacrificed a lot just to get to this point. i'm sure i'm not the only one. most of us are working on pursuing a second career. i'm just feeling discouraged right now. nothing i can do until monday morning. i would rather do the pathways program. i don't know why they didn't just put in un that one instead. are you in the program now?
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    nmsu is the one of the easiest programs to get into, however it is getting harder. tell them u wanna do pathways.
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    wow, i feel lame if i can't get into the "easiest" program. i feel that i had a very competitive application. i requested consideration for both programs. i said, rr would be my first choice, but will accept either. my friend last year got accepted w/ a much lower gpa and no health background.
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    i think you will get in. don't stress out about it too much and enjoy your weekend.

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