NMSU Roadrunner or Pathways-HELP! - page 2

Hi everyone, I have been reading the threads about NMSU. I beginning to get worried. I am applying to the Roadrunner(Summer09) and Pathways (Fall09). So far, I have not been happy w/ the... Read More

  1. by   lonestargrl
    of course, i plan on calling them. i got this message late friday. i can not contact them until monday. it was not the news i wanted to hear going into a weekend.
  2. by   bibibi
    dont get upset. they will work out the things with you.
  3. by   lonestargrl
    thanks, for the encouragement. i have been working so hard for 1.5 years and have sacrificed a lot just to get to this point. i'm sure i'm not the only one. most of us are working on pursuing a second career. i'm just feeling discouraged right now. nothing i can do until monday morning. i would rather do the pathways program. i don't know why they didn't just put in un that one instead. are you in the program now?
  4. by   bibibi
    nmsu is the one of the easiest programs to get into, however it is getting harder. tell them u wanna do pathways.
  5. by   lonestargrl
    wow, i feel lame if i can't get into the "easiest" program. i feel that i had a very competitive application. i requested consideration for both programs. i said, rr would be my first choice, but will accept either. my friend last year got accepted w/ a much lower gpa and no health background.
  6. by   bibibi
    i think you will get in. don't stress out about it too much and enjoy your weekend.