Moving to ABQ?

  1. Hi all, first I am a CNA getting prereq's out of the way to go to RN school. I have over 5 years of experience as a CNA, and we are considering ABQ and Colorado Springs to move to.

    How is the job market for CNA positions at hospitals in ABQ? Also, what is the employment market like for new RN grads in ABQ? I am coming from Tulsa and the job market here is SATURATED with CNA's, and RN's for the most part.

    We will be moving in October, is that a good time of year to move there to get a job? When would be the best time to start applying to places? (meaning, what is the average length of time from applying to getting hired at a hospital there? If we go off of my luck with the 4 major hospitals in Tulsa, the average length of time of getting HR to return calls is about a year. LOL)

    Also, moving with a toddler and pets. I was reading (dangerous, I know) on the city website today about plague??? Is this really an issue or is it an issue like lepto and lyme is in Ok? Also, dangerous snakes ever seen one in ABQ or Rio Rancho? Sorry if I sound dumb, but I've only driven through ABQ once in my life and I loved the way the lights looked on the west side. It was beautiful, and I want away from this horrid humidity! All insight and advice will be appreciated. TY so much!
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