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Hi Just trying to gather information on las cruces and memorial medical center.. Is this a nice area of mexico to live visit etc.. also how is the hospital thinking of travel assignment to this area any help would be greatful... Read More

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    Quote from AmandaBrittainy
    I have worked at both hospitals recentlly. The morale at Mountain View is very low and most nurses that did leave MMC (Memorial) for Mountain View quickly went back. Mountain View has extremely poor retention and have only retained 3 management positions in the last 3 years (everyone else has changed several times). It is the same for the nurses. Most of the physicians have a very poor opinion of Mountain View as well. Many physicians and nurses agree that the more experienced and long term nursing staff is at Memorial. The pay rate and benefits are comparable to each other. They are less than 2 miles apart in are both located in convenient parts of town. Las Cruces is the 3rd largest city in NM but is not very large, there are many outdoor activies less than a days drive from LC if you are not satisfied with in town happenings.

    Just got a call from memorial, am considering moving there.
    any new info, updates on working conditions?

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    I have worked at both also, but not at Mt View for a while. It is necessary to have both hospitals in this town because if there were only one, it would probably be slammed. Either one would be fine to work with, but I do agree about the too-frequent mgt changes at the View. Expect some of the same border issues that plague Texas. I think nurses at both places will be friendly to a newbie. You can probably get some good deals on housing. Good luck!!
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    Does anyone know what the base average hourly rate for an RN (BSN) is in las cruces versus el paso?
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    Las Cruces 22/hr
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    thanks !!

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