Good Hospitals In Santa Fe??

  1. 0 Hi everyone:

    I recently passed the NCLEX and I have the NM license. Since I'm fresh, I'm looking for a decent hospital in Santa Fe area. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    In Santa Fe the big hospital is St. Vincent's. I have never even considered working there, I have heard one too many horror stories! There is another, much smaller hospital, Physicians Hospital Center or something similar..?? A short commute from Santa Fe are Los Alamos Medical center and Espanola Hospital. I have heard amazing things about working at Los Alamos Medical. I presently work for Santa Fe County Corrections as an RN and I love my job! There are plenty of nursing opportunites in this area, you don't have to limit yourself to St. Vincent's if you don't want to. nurse::heartbeat
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    Thanks a lot. That really help.
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    As far as I know St Vincent is the ONLY hospital in Santa Fe......
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    I worked in the OR at St. Vincent's several years ago (2000). I really liked working there, and it was a great experience. I'm shocked by the poster who said she had heard "horror stories", because I never had that experience. I loved living in Santa Fe, and only moved back home to be closer to my family. Otherwise--I'd still be there!

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