Clovis Community College..Spring 2011

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    Hey all!

    I'm just curious if anyone else is taking any online classes at Clovis this semester? I'm taking Medical Terminology, Chemistry, and APII.. I just wanted to see if anyone else was in my classes.. maybe we could be study buddies!
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    I am also in AP II. Did you do AP I at clovis as well?
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    AWESOME! No, I did that here in Chicago.. I've always wanted to take AP online but had no idea it was even possible till I found this board! Where did you take API?'s nice to know someone else in that class! We can help each other out on homework etc...ya know?!!
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    Well i will be doing API the same time but with Edukan. Cool I definitely need a study partner. I looked over the syllabus and about to get the book but I saw another International edition for loess.

    I also find some chapter notes but not much.
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    I bet you could even get an older edition and it wouldn't matter....don't ya think? When does the Edukan class start? I definitely need a study partner too!
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    January 18th. Well at least the book we need for CLovis you can get anused edition with Edukan they want new books because you need access codes and stuff. So I have been told the international edition has the same info as the US just a different cover and ISBN.
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    Oh...gotcha! That makes sense then~
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    You already gotten the book? I find an international copy for $60.00
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    I'm not getting the actually book that's on the syllabus..I already have a book that I used for API and at the jr colleges in chicago.. you use the same book for both API and APII so I'm just using a book I already have... I think from what I read on here that that would be fine... So hopefully it will be!
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    Hello, I wanted to know how was the APII online? I have taken API but in campus and now I'm thinking to take it online. Any information was helpful. Thanks.