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Clovis Community College..Spring 2011

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    I'm just curious if anyone else is taking any online classes at Clovis this semester? I'm taking Medical Terminology, Chemistry, and APII.. I just wanted to see if anyone else was in my classes.. maybe we could be study buddies!
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    I am also in AP II. Did you do AP I at clovis as well?
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    AWESOME! No, I did that here in Chicago.. I've always wanted to take AP online but had no idea it was even possible till I found this board! Where did you take API?'s nice to know someone else in that class! We can help each other out on homework etc...ya know?!!
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    Well i will be doing API the same time but with Edukan. Cool I definitely need a study partner. I looked over the syllabus and about to get the book but I saw another International edition for loess.

    I also find some chapter notes but not much.
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    I bet you could even get an older edition and it wouldn't matter....don't ya think? When does the Edukan class start? I definitely need a study partner too!
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    January 18th. Well at least the book we need for CLovis you can get anused edition with Edukan they want new books because you need access codes and stuff. So I have been told the international edition has the same info as the US just a different cover and ISBN.
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    Oh...gotcha! That makes sense then~
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    You already gotten the book? I find an international copy for $60.00
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    I'm not getting the actually book that's on the syllabus..I already have a book that I used for API and at the jr colleges in chicago.. you use the same book for both API and APII so I'm just using a book I already have... I think from what I read on here that that would be fine... So hopefully it will be!
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    Hello, I wanted to know how was the APII online? I have taken API but in campus and now I'm thinking to take it online. Any information was helpful. Thanks.
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    Oh it is going well. The quizzes are not time. The exam is 65 mins but you must at least read the material or listen to presentation. Love this class comparing to the others I am taking at Edukan. Classroom participation is not required like posting and stuff.
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    oh ok sounds something that I can do I'm probably taking it in the Fall 2011
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    I would like to know how your classes went in A&P II and Microbiology at Clovis Community College. I am planning on taking both in the Fall 2011. Is it hard? What do I have to buy? Are the exams proctered? Are they transferable? How much $ did you spend on each class? Thank you I hope you can answer my questions.

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