Anyone hear about Apollo having BSN program?

  1. I heard that Apollo has started a BSN program, has anyone else heard this? Would you consider going for that if you didn't get into UNM or would you move to go to NMSU?

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  3. by   Medic09
    Haven't heard. But the first thing I would do is compare costs. Any private institution is going to leave you with serious sticker shock. Why not pay the reasonable state tuition costs for the same or better education? Or, a perfectly reasonable course of action is get into a community college, get your ADN, start earning a decent wage and do the BSN stuff on-line.
  4. by   nfrasure
    I'm a recent Apollo Grad from their ADN program... excellent program if you can handle the bumps and hiccups of it being a new program with relatively new faculty and curriculum...

    Apollo is putting off their BSN program because they got bought out by DeVry and are going to be absorbed into the Chamberlain College of Nursing franchise that DeVry owns. No time soon (like June or October at the earliest)for BSN. Or so I have heard.
  5. by   jjnRN
    I will be done with my prereqs at CNM by the end of the year and planning to apply to UNM but I don't want to wait 1-3 years to get into a program and I am willing to pay the difference if need be. I also heard they were merging with DeVry's program but heard they started the BSN this semester. I have a camper I can live out of also so I may apply to NMSU though.

  6. by   nfrasure
    Their semester started this week.... no BSN.... yet!! ;0)

    Should be a good program once it gets up and running, though... the faculty is awesome...
  7. by   jjnRN
    Actually they have updated their website and the BSN is a RN-BSN program and started in January according to the website.