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Where to buy scrubs in NJ? - page 2

Hi all :) I just got a job :dance: I need to buy scrubs. I don't want to order online b/c I don't know if they will fit or not so I would like to try them on. Wallmart will not cut it at this... Read More

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    Once you get your sizes straight, I would recommend ordering online from AllHeart.com. They have a HUGE selection and some great sales. I have gotten tops -- stylish ones -- for less than $10. And they often will email me coupons.
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    I just bought some scrub tops at the Tafford Scrub Shop on Route 1 (near the Menlo Park Mall). They had a decent selection of solid colors for men/unisex and the women's options were very plentiful. I'm so jealous... you women get such a variety/selection!