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    There is a Newark group but they are graduating in Spring 2013 so they won't let us join it.
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    hey guys congrats ! i'm goin to newark as well, just got the email with all the info. u guys thinking of doing the NALC program?
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    Congrats to all of planning to go to Newark as well...send my deposit in before Nov 5...still waiting for the NALC info and such...can we create a fb group for newark?
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    I am also attending newark...
    I called them to check if they had received it, and they did. Just waiting for the email with all the instructions. I think i should receive something this week.
    How do we go about creating a fb page? I know Stratford has one...and someone mentioned the one that is on facebook right now is for the graduating class.

    Cant wait to meet all of you!!!
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    do you know when the NACL starts?
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    yeah we should def start a fb page, and NALC starts December 7th and goes for two weeks. its 3 times a week on mon, tues, and fri. they just haven't given us the exact times yet. also, its optional but i'm going to take it so i can get my brain flowing
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    I am also attending at the Newark campus, I noticed there is no facebook page and would like to start one, unless of course someone else is compelled to?
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    I created the group and left it "open" so everyone can easily find it and join it. I can make it "closed" or "secret" once it starts to get popular. I titled it "UMDNJ ABSN Newark Spring 2013-Summer 2014" (trying to put as many keywords as possible to make it searchable!). I'm excited to meet you all at orientation next month!
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    hey guys! Ive seen people do this in other kinds of forums and i think it'll help those of us who are applying next year know what our chances are and so we can do all we can to make ourselves competitive. If you get accepted please post your GPA, pre-reqs, resume, letters of recommendation, or anything else that you think helped you get it. Congratulations to all of you!
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    the fb page doesn't come up for me when i search it... Here ya go michael- i graduated from Rutgers this past may with a 3.28 cum gpa, i majored in bio, my pre-reqs were all A's and B's except for General Chem in which i got a C, i don't have any experience working in a hospital or clinic but I had a few months experience shadowing nurses, PA's, etc of a orthopedic surgical center.
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    Hi, I'm new on the forum and just got accepted to UMDNJ Newark campus this spring. I sent my deposit and haven't heard any more news but have been reading recent posts. Can somebody tell me when orientation is? what is NACL? and when actual classes will start in January? I would appreciate any information that I seem to be missing out on. So excited to meet all of you
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    Sorry I forgot to add:
    I graduated college with a 3.0, had A's and B's in all of my prereqs, majored in Health Science and Sociology, had an internship at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and my recommendations were from a former professor and my supervisor at the hospital. Hope that helps!
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    Hey, I found a way to make a custom "link" for the Newark facebook page so it can be found easier:
    "UMDNJABSN" is the facebook group address, again its open and titled "UMDNJ ABSN Newark Spring 2013-Summer 2014" and here is a link
    Orientation is on December 6.
    I graduated with a 3.64 from TCNJ, NursingCAS gave me a 3.71. Had a 4.0 in prerequisites. I had a 400 hour internship at a cardiac rehab center which may have helped too.
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