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  2. Hello there fellow nurses!
    I'm a lad who's also a third yr student nurse at salford uni in manchester UK and next May i have possibly got the chance to come and work in New Jersey for a month as one of my placements!

    I have successfully got through the first round of the application, and now i need to do a presentation on the 11th september to convince them i'm the right person to

    I was wondering if there is anyone who would be willing to help me or give me some info on nursing in america, esp in new jersey. I think i will be staying at the Felician College, but not sure exactly which hospital i will be at, but my interest is Accident and Emergency!

    So, any help anyone can offer about learning experiences, and areas of nursing that will help me learn more will be greatly appreciated!!!

    You can contact me directly if you wish on

    Any help will be so gratefully appreciated, and i thank you in advance!
    Adam Williams :roll
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