Seton Hall Second Degree BSN Fall 2013

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    Hey everyone!

    I just recently received my acceptance into Seton Hall's second degree BSN program for the fall 2013 semester and I was hoping to connect with others who are attending as well.

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    Hi kap91,

    Congrats on your acceptance!! Just wanted to see if this discussion is about the 22-month BSN Program offered in South Orange, NJ (SHU Main Campus) or the 14-month Accelerated BSN Program offered in Lakewood, NJ (on the Georgian Court campus).
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    The 22 month BSN Program offered in South Orange, NJ
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    I'll be attending the 22 month program in S.O. It'll be here shortly!
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    Quote from mandy86
    I'll be attending the 22 month program in S.O. It'll be here shortly!
    Me too! I'm so excited to start! Have you heard anything about uniforms and badges and where or how we should go about getting them? Also, I noticed on our tuition bill it lists our nursing UG books and it lists them as e-books. I was just wondering if you saw on any of the information about us needing to purchase a tablet of some kind.
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    Uniforms & badges can be purchased at the bookstore. Figured I'd stop there during orientation to pick up what I need. Not sure about if we need a tablet or not. I'm sure during orientation they'll give us the run down. If you really want to find out I'd suggest emailing (****name redacted as per site terms of service****) She's been pretty helpful with any questions I've had. Ahhh can't wait!
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