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Rutgers Traditional 2nd BSN

  1. 0 I am trying to get a game plan going for changing careers. It looks like of course i have missed my chance for Fall 2011, so was considering finishing prereqs and applying for Fall 2012.. Looking at the website it isn't clear that they even had the Traditional 2nd BSN program for 2011, is this true? I see only a mention of accelerated:

    Does anyone know? I can consider the accelerated as well, but I am still not clear on which pre-reqs will be accepted. For example I took English as a PASS/FAIL in highschool (in early 90's!) and it was accepted at my first BSN program (in Comp Science) but no idea if this would work at Rutgers.. So if I applied for Accelerated and then wasn't able to start because my prereqs weren't done. I wish it was clearer on the website.

    Also, do you think by showing up and going to the nursing office I would be able to sit with someone and get some answers? I am interested in Newark as it is closest for me.

    Can you believe I got into Rutgers second BSN in 2003 but decided to wait until after kids! Kind of regret not making the move then.. oh well trying to look forward.

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    Stacy, did you ever find out if RU was offering a traditional 2nd bsn in fall 2012? I just called and they said they were not offering it until fall 2013-

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    I'm in the ABSN program now. Sounds like you may need to take an english course. I recommend emailing one of the Admins (in Newark or NB) and meet with them to review your transcript. They can give an unofficial evaluation of your transcripts from all colleges you've gone to. Also the ABSN is in BOTH campuses, varies per semester (Summer, Spring is in Newark; Fall in NB).