1. Im deciding if I should do the BCIT lpn program, and if I should do the 2 yr night or 14 month day. Can anyone tell me where (I know it can change) they ususally have done clinicals and what times?? I work full time during the day right know is it possible to still work and finish?? I'm so confused any help would be asume! Also at night are there any high schoolers there?


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  3. by   PTYME
    If you work during the day how would it be possible for you to do the 14mth day prgm? Given it is during the day also... but I can not answer far as where clinicals are since I have not started the prgm yet!
  4. by   mandelia99
    i was considering getting a differant job or working pt on the weekends if i did the day not sure, the night is a long time, but i feel it may allow the info to sink in more??? I have no science background, I'm an accountant so I'm all math!
  5. by   PTYME
    O yea that would work out...My dad is an accountant so I know about the numbers!!! I will be trying to manage working 10pm -6am twice a wk and working every other Im suurreee you can manage a wknd shift!!! Far as the info sinking in more for the 2yr program..hmmm idk but the yr program will not allow us to procrastinate I do know that much so all in all the decision is yours...Im sure you'll make the right decision!!! Let me know what you decide... What camous did you apply to?
  6. by   mandelia99
    ugh if only we could just go to school and not have to worry about working lol!!! I put either campus on my application! At this point i didn't care which one i went to...the RN programs have to long of a wait list! By the time I wait i could've done the night program lol I live in voorhees, so although medford may seem closer, I think westampton may be better because I can get on the freeway super quick vs route 73 and 70. which one did you apply to?
  7. by   PTYME
    Yes! Not working while in school would be GREAT! but, unfortunately not my reality I also put either but, my preference was Westampton( I wrote my preference on the form)...I will be attending Westampton. I will be commuting from not familiar with Jersey so, I dont have a clue as to where voorhees is lol... but yes the RN programs are insane( the waitlist)...I figure i will do lpn and then work as an lpn while I am in school to get my RN. ALOT of people don't think that decision is wise( they are not in the nursing field AT ALL)! sooooo I figure i wouldn't take there comments to heart!...ttyl!
  8. by   mandelia99
    wow ur comuting from DE! you have dedication! voorhees is off exit 4 on the pike or 32 on 295, im about 30 min from the DE border, im surprised u guys dont have any lpn programs down there. my mom is a Nurse practioner(maybe mispelled lol), she thinks going straight RN is the best choice, if u can, but thinks that regardless everyone becomes an lpn wether u work as one is another story. just like we all take the cna class, but we may not all wrk as a cna before we become nurses. regadless if u love the field a nurse is a nurse, its about helping people and if the letters infront of ur name make u feel like ur better than others, than i think nursing truly wasn't the career for those ppl! plus we'll have a leg up instead of learning it all in a yr(like some AS RN degrees and feeling overwhelmed) we will feel super comfortable and get the "wrk" experience so we can get the job we want not the job we have to take out of school!!!!we made a good choice!
  9. by   PTYME
    OMG your mom is a NP?!!! That is my loongg term goal! I want to eventually be a Womens health nurse practitioner. Yes, I also feel as though I am making the best decision for me at the time. Those who I have talked to (my cousin who went the lpn-rn-bsn-msn route and ppl from nursing boards) all say that once your an lpn that going from lpn to rn is MUCH easier...which I can imagine! Yea I am very determined and set to cut out ALL extracurricular activites! The commute is not too bad since its all eway(295) it takes me 40mins...the thing that is gonna kill me is the tolls!lol But as one said where there is a will there is a way!!! I am hoping the clinical sites wil not be extremely far from the school and if so more towards DE!lol Ms.B told me that the furtherest site was close to AC! that will be a hike for me! O we have I believe two lpn at the community college and one at a tech school but I missed the tech schools deadline and the community college i'm not done all the pre reqs and very limited spots sooo I figure I will travel a little to start now! Yes I feel like there are different strokes for different folks some choose to go bsn, some asn, and some our route!!!!!!!!! All in all u said it we will all have the same outcome(helping others) and yes, I think that getting the work experience would be very very beneficial!
  10. by   mandelia99
    yeah my mom loves it, shes an ER/shock trauma freak!lol geez AC, goodness even for me thats a hike. I know some ppl said they did clinicals at RWJ,in hamilton, which is about an hr from's closer to trenton/hamilton station area. i wish they had 1 or 2 places they delt with and thats it, like viruta and cooper. i wonder how clinicals differ from night to day!
  11. by   PTYME
    Seems like we will be in for a ride!...literally! lol But, I think someone said that the night program has clinicals once a wk and on saturdays...idt its every saturday though...Don't quote me on this I could be mixing it up (I read sooo many things on here)!
  12. by   Piry
    Hi,I hope this information gets to you on time. I graduated from the evening program few years ago (2 year program in Medford) and worked 4 days a week. Classes run from 5pm-10pm and only 3 day per week, clinicals are arranged according the hours required for the particular course/semester but you will have clinicals during the week and one Saturday a month only. I recommend the evening program because if you have to work you will be able study much more. The day program its very intense and stressful unless you dont have to work it will be very difficult for you. Your education is like an investment, make sure that this is what you want and commit yourself to attend classes and do your class work, there is no much time for social life. The program is a bit expensive because there is no financial aid available therefore, make sure you study and pass all the modules, no refund is granted if you fail a course and you cannot repeat the next semester either. There are students from different age groups. I wish you the best in this journey that you are contemplating, hope you make a wise decision soon, seats are very limited.
  13. by   mandelia99
    I have my test next week, so I'm taking the first steps! I think I'm leaning more toward the night program,although I'd love to do the day! I have a mortgage and bills so... I guess 2yrs it is! Are you now an rn, or an LPN? If you did your RN afterward where did you do it? I knwo this is alot of questions but, what was the HW load like, Where did you do most of your clinicals,did you have school over the summer(i know some programs don't) where were you able to get a job at and if you don't mind what was your base pay?Theres so much info out there my head is spinning, I'm trying to get a grasp on it all. Thank you for the help!
  14. by   MrsJersey
    I'm in the day program and intense doesn't begin to describe it. I was fired right b/f the beginning of class and it was a blessing in disguise. Granted we do get finished faster, but it is a lot of work. Clinical days for Westampton right now are Thursday and Friday, but not every Thursday and Friday. It will vary based on the course you are in. Generally, clinicals in one rotation last for about 4 weeks. The good part is that you get out earlier than a regular class day. If you have any questions let me know. I don't know much about the night class just that they only get the same 8 excused absences that we do b/f you are dismissed from the program.

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