Pinelands School of Practical Nursing

  1. Does anyone have any information regarding Pinelands School of Practical Nursing. I am looking into programs and this one is close to my home. Any information would be helpful.

    Thanks, Lisa
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  3. by   mdsrn2k
    It costs about $14,000 per year. I have heard no good things about this school. I work in one of their clinical sights and personally do not feel that they are teaching their students a whole lot.
  4. by   lbellach
    Thanks for the information. When I called I got a weird feeling, something did not seem right.
  5. by   nmlpn
    I looked into Pinelands too and found it to be too expensive. OCVTS offers a good LPN program.
  6. by   TinaAlyce
    Wish I could find some more information / reviews about this school I am planning on signing up ASAP but really can't find any info anywhere /sigh...I need a night program since I have a full time job and most other schools are about an hour away from me
  7. by   nurse toya
    I have heard nothing good about pine lands school I know a couple people who went there and they have said its the worse school ever I went to ocean vocational and the program is very intense but very good . You graduate knowing your stuff good luck
  8. by   rrftoms
    Do not bother going to Pinelands.....Its too expensive and not worth it. Ocean County Vocational school would be a better option.

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