Passaic county community college study guide books for sale

  1. Hi guys, I recently graduated from PCCC and I am now selling my books. I have many NCLEX books that were recommend/required by the teachers and were often used by the teachers to get material for their tests.

    I have:
    Focus on nursing pharmacology by Karch 4th edition
    Unfolding case studies By Glendon
    NCLEX RN review by NSNA 4th edition
    Med surg success By Colgrove
    Davis's NCLEX RN success Bu Lagerquist
    Mosbys Review questions for the NCLEX RN by Saxton 6th edition
    Saunders Q & A for the NCLEX RN exam 3rd edition
    Sandra Smiths review for NCLEX RN By smith 12th edition
    Practice questions for NCLEX RN by gauwitz
    NCLEX RN review guide- top 10 questions for quick review By chernecky
    Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment by lacharity
    2nd edition
    Lippincott NECLEX RN alternate format questions 4th edition
    Contemporary Nursing issues trends and manaagement By cherry 3rd edition
    Springhouse review for NCLEX RN 5th edition
    Nurses pocket drug guide 2009
    Maternal and neonatal nursing in a flash

    If anyone is interested message me or post on this thread.
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  3. by   beatrocka
    Hi there,

    I'm guessing you've taken (and passed) your Nclex. Just wanted to congratulate you and best of luck on job hunting or (if you've been hired) best of luck

    I've got a year to go and have a summer externship at a hospital for the summer