Ocean County College?

  1. Any waiting or have waited to get accepted into Ocean County College nursing program? How long have or did you wait? I've been waiting 1 semester, I have a feeling I will be waiting again next semester!
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  3. by   lyndseyx3x
    I don't know a single person who went there and got into the program after waiting one semester. I was told by an advisor as well as friends in the program that the wait is generally about 4 semesters. Make sure you send a “letter of intent” every single semester or you’ll lose your spot on the wait list…
  4. by   Jennifer425RN2B
    Thank you, I talked to someone in admissions for the nursing department yesterday, and she said that they are up to spring 11 for acceptance for fall 12. I'm fall 11 which is the following semester. Any ways she said most likely I will get my acceptance letter next semester for spring 13! Fingers crossed!
  5. by   lyndseyx3x
    Best of luck to you, I hope you get in! =] A three semester wait isn’t bad at all, if I’m understanding properly. At my entrance exam for the vocational LPN program there were a lot of people who were/are on OCC’s waiting list and got sick of waiting, some claim they were waiting upwards of two and a half years. I actually chose to apply to an LPN program because everyone kept saying the wait list was ridiculous at OCC. I’ll have to reconsider the program if the wait is currently not as bad as people claim it to be and only three semesters.
  6. by   Jennifer425RN2B
    Thank you! I would think about going to OCC if I were you 2- 3 semesters isn't bad at all, I'm just an impatient person!
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  8. by   ChristinaCow123
    Can you tell me how competitive it is to be admitted to this program?
  9. by   Jennifer425RN2B
    As long as you pass all your pre-reqs and pass the teas test, all you have to do is wait for a spot to open. According to the school, they admit students into the program by their date of completion, meaning that when you pass the pre-req's and teas you have your date of completion. Although, I can't believe that if it comes down to one spot that they wouldn;t pick someone with a higher gpa or teas test score.
  10. by   beau.cerveau
    Hi all, i just wanted to add that just because your DOC is next for acceptance, it doesnt mean ur guaranteed for that coming semester to start :/ I know a couple girls that didnt get in even though we all finished up together. I heard the process is that they take all the DOC's (for the semester they are up to, ie- spring '11) and from that pile, take all the earliest applicants to the program. My suggestion would be submit ur letter of intent asap each semester.