1. Anyone entering the nursing program for Spring 2012 at Ocean County College? Need some buddies who are SERIOUS about the program!
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    I have been in OCC for Nursing i'm in 4th and final semester. I know it all seems overwhelming but it does go by quickly. Take one step at a time and one week at a time. You can get through it.
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    OMG, how exciting to be in nursing 4!!! Congrats and good luck... Can you share with me how you studied for exams? I've been pretty lucky with my prerequisites and never had to study. I know this isn't the case in nursing because these nclex style qt's can confuse you having 2 right answers! I'm an audio learner and my teacher doesn't let us record lectures :/ ...I'm trying to find audio tapes or meet someone in another section who may be able to record their lecture. I've been keeping up on my reading, boy is it a lot of reading! But all of the reading ties in together so in a way it's repetitive but that's a good thing! What other advice do you have for me? Many people said I shouldn't worry about failing nursing 1 because it's the easiest of the four semesters and that nursing 3 is what I should worry about! I definitely am taking it day by day, test by test and course by course lol. I'm just worried about how to study, what to study, etc. Any advice/personal stories would be appreciated!