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    Hey guys!

    Just wanted to start a new thread for applicants to NJCUs ABSN program for 2013. I applied to the JC cohort.
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    Hi blueangel .. I applied to the Wall cohort and got my notice that I have been wait listed.

    My numbers/info:
    Undergrad gpa 3.00
    All Prereqs all A's working on last class (MicroBiol) now with A avg
    Hesi Score 88.3
    Current Job: CNA 1 year

    Wondering if you know or anyone knows the size of waitlist and what
    percentage of accepted people normally go on to enroll? Just wondering my chances

    I also submitted my application to NJCU in Jersey City for consideration. They told me
    I would be first considered for Wall and then JC.

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    hey traudel,

    congrats on at least being waitlisted! From what I've heard there's a pretty good chance you can get accepted.. not everyone who gets accepted goes because they get in other places. Ill definitely keep my fingers crossed for you!

    I had a 3.2 gpa, A's and B+s on pre-reqs and got a 91 on the HESI so i hope im at least waitlisted!
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    Could I ask to which other schools you applied? (Considering NJCU for 2014)
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    I also applied to Wagner and PACE
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    When did you get the notice? I applied to JC cohort and am waiting for the acceptance notice. They said it would take 6-8 weeks to get noticed by mail. Is it really taking so long to be noticed?
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    I applied late January to Wall cohort and received notice first week of March.
    They also told us about 6 weeks. Maybe JC takes longer cause bigger class ..
    and more applicants ? .. dunno .. Good Luck.
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    Deadline for jersey city was March 1/3? so I doubt notices will be out already but who knows..the wait is always painful.
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    I'm happy I found this thread! I will be starting NJCU ABSN this May at the Wall Campus! I have searched to find a classmate, where are the Wall Students? I'm am Crazy Happy and Nervous at the same time. Good luck to all of the incoming ABSN students!
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    congrats! i applied to the JC campus so we are still waiting to hear back