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Hey guys! Just wanted to start a new thread for applicants to NJCUs ABSN program for 2013. I applied to the JC cohort.... Read More

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    Meghan congrats! cant wait for orientation!

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    Just found this board. I was accepted to Jersey City campus starting this Sept a few weeks ago. I'm excited! Currently live in Middletown, so gonna have to check out places north to live in a few months w/ the hubby. Does anyone have any suggestions? Obviously Hoboken would be great, but we have 2 dogs. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Hi, danaandpat2103,
    I live in Ridgefield NJ and will move into near town, Cliffside Park, about 20-25 mins away from the NJCU.
    I have 2 dogs and had a hard time to find a house/apt which accepts pet.
    There are some apts which accepts a pet in North Jersey, but they request pet deposit or additional money on rent.
    Fortunately, I found a rental house thanks to my friend's referral and contracted.

    Good luck to you! and see you all who were accepted soon, at orientation!!
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    hey dana congrats! cant wait for orientation! i am lucky enough to live about 6 blocks away from NJCU. it may be tough to find something for pets but check listings on NJ.com and other trusted sites. Hoboken is wonderful but expensive!!
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    Hi all!

    I was placed on the wait list for NJCU ABSN Fall 2013 Program (Jersey City). Hopefully a spot opens up for me soon... They were saying there is a good chance but I just have to wait and see. Just wanted to ask you all when/what date is orientation and how much is the deposit??
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    ah cross your fingers! Orientation is June 25th and the deposit is $500
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    Meghan, Blue, Dana & Seong - congrats!! I just found this board, I didn't know anyone else who was applying to the ABSN/NJCU program JC cohort. I was also accepted, look forward to meeting you all @ orientation!

    @Dana - how big/small are your dogs? Some places have weight restrictions for dogs here in JC. Downtown JC is pretty dog friendly. There are lots of apts and one/two family homes for rent that will allow dogs. Parking however is another issue. Try the Hamilton Park and Van Vorst Park areas of JC, there are lots of people with dogs in those areas. Close enough to Hoboken, close to Grove St. Path Station, Newport, lots of restaurants, dog runs etc. Hopefully you will find a place soon!
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    Quote from blueangel2241
    ah cross your fingers! Orientation is June 25th and the deposit is $500
    I was accepted on Monday off the wait list!!! Crazy!
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    does anyone else have facebook? we should start a group
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    I do .. That's a great idea!

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