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Hey guys! Just wanted to start a new thread for applicants to NJCUs ABSN program for 2013. I applied to the JC cohort.... Read More

  1. by   NJnursehopeful

    Thanks! and good luck with the program!
  2. by   seong69
    Is there anyone who heard back from NJCU JC?
  3. by   NJnursehopeful
    unfortunately, not yet
  4. by   Traudel

    How was orientation ? When is the actual start date ? Were all slots/people there ? ie 28 people .. I believe is cohort in Wall.
    Hope all went well. Sorry to be nosy .. but I was told I'm 2nd on the waiting list .. and was just wondering .

    Good Luck
  5. by   KATNIC
    Hey Traudel,
    Sorry, I didn't get back to you sooner, orientation was very informative. I counted 25 people. I believe they accepted 30 students this year. NJCU didn't have all the sample uniforms during orientation, so we were asked to go to Wall Campus to try on the uniforms before ordering and to donate Blood. This will also give us an opportunity to meet the current Wall graduating class.
    I feel for you and hope you get a call. We have an IT class May 17, then we start the following week.
    Good Luck!
  6. by   seong69
    @JC Cohort,

    Is there anyone who already heard from the school?
    Waiting is a torture...nailbiting
  7. by   NJnursehopeful

    nope! I can't take this waiting!
  8. by   Traudel
    Hey FRCN,

    Thanks so much for the inside scoop! Did you hear anything about why there were missing people ? If not no big deal.
    Thanks again. Keeping my fingers crossed that we'll meet for this years session .

    Take Care
  9. by   KATNIC
    Give the office a call and ask ******* if the Wall Cohort is filled. ******* is Great! There was so much to take in during orientation that no one said anything about missing people.
    Good Luck!
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  10. by   Traudel

    Thanks! Really appreciate it!
  11. by   NJnursehopeful
    hey guys,

    I got my acceptance letter today! Im in ! JC cohort !
  12. by   seong69
    Congratulation, blueangel!! When did they send out?.. I mean the date on the letter.
  13. by   NJnursehopeful
    the date on the letter is April 10th