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Has anyone taken their NCLEX in May or June gotten their license from NJ yet? I want to know how long is it taking since they say they have a new system. I've taken mine over 2 weeks ago and have... Read More

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    the last i heard after calling the BON 2 weeks ago is that due to the new system, it's about 30 business days after passing for the board to sit down and approve you...sooo needless to say, it's a long process...hopefully you received your license!

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    At first I was told about 20 business days.....which has come and gone....

    Well it's been 30 business days since I passed NCLEX (7/25 got results 7/27) and still no license - background check/fingerprinting were completed and the website shows them as completed (7/30).....just waiting on my license number! I called today and a really nice call center employee said "Wow, that is long! I'll send the processing dept an e-mail" and he typed something up and read it back to me (supposedly - LOL).

    I understand that this time of year the NJ BON is slammed with new applications....but really?!?!? Everything is electronic!!! Pearson Vue with NCLEX results and the fingerprinting is even done electronically now. It's not like they're searching through papers!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll have my license number within the next week!!!
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    Hi njgrl622, I know it has been over a year now, however, I was wandering when did they produce your license number?? I took my boards oct 4, found out I passed oct 6, and am still waiting for my number to be posted. It's sooo frustrating! The call center told me exactly what they told you, so I just wanted to know how much longer did it take you to receive your number via web site? And also, I'm thinking about just going up to Newark, nj to speak to someone regarding the matter. What do you think?

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