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NJ LPN to RN bridge programs

  1. 1 Does anyone know any good LPN to RN bridge programs in northern NJ or NY? I'm currently an LPN student but i have done most of my pre-reqs for RN. Thanks!
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    Hi! I went straight for my RN but my program had an LPN- RN option built in.. I graduated from Passaic County (in Paterson, NJ). The LPN's took a course during the summer and then joined the RN students in September when we were going into our third of four semesters. I think the summer LPN course itself was very rigorous (it's a pretty internse program overall) but 100 % of my class passed the NCLEX this year.
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    where in jersey did they offer the bridge program? btw- my dads a techer at pcti
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    passaic county community college offers the bridge program.
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    im looking for a school that offers bridge program lpn to RN in Northern NJ
    has anyone heard of HoHokus in Hackensack
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    I know this post is late but i'm a recent graduate of Hohokus Hackensack. Hohokus Hackensack has a sister school in Ramsey named Eastwick College. In EC is where they offer the LPN-to-RN program. Rumor has it that within a year or so the Hackensack campus will offer the same LPN-to-RN program. When they offer it in Hackesack, I'm going to enroll because Ramsey is out of my way.
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    Thank you so much for the information about Ramsey College. I have an appointment in May, excited!
    However , I still need my prereqs for the RN . Do you think it would be wiser/cheaper to go to a Community College or should I do my pre reqs at Ramsey? So confused!

    Thanks for the input