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  1. 0 How is the market out here for ADN nurses? I can't afford to go to a 4 year college to get a BSN right off the bat, so I am hoping to get my ADN and then finish up a BSN while working as a nurse.

    I am getting nervous because I've been seeing a lot of topics about RNs who can't find work for years after graduation.
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    Most hospitals in NJ are looking for the BSN but that is not to say they won't hire an ADN nurse. I graduated December 2012 with my diploma. I knew I wanted to work at a specific hospital so I took a job that was kind of non nursing and did that for 6 months then found a nursing job as an internal employee. I will say I was set up to go right into my BSN (which I am going for now). Right now nursing jobs in our area are tough to find for everyone ADN diploma and for BSNs. Most hospitals are in a hiring freeze. Networking is key. Most people have to know someone to get a job. If I was you I would try to work as a CNA while you are in school. This way you learn about what goes on in a hospital plus you get to meet people that might help you after graduation.
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    it took me over a year to find an RN job and i have my bachelor's. i also suggest getting a nurse aide position as it will get your foot in the door at a hospital/nursing home/HHA. don't let it discourage you at all, perserverance is key. be pushy, but not over the top. assertive is a good word good luck!