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LPN to RN bridge programs in central new jersey

  1. 0 I need to find a lpn to rn bridge program in central, nj
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    There are forums on AllNurses that are regional.
    It might help if you speak to other nurses who are from Central New Jersey.
    They will give a better answer to your question.

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    Brookdale community college offers a great program. I just applied. They give you the option to take a 6 week online course and at the end you test out. That test score determines which semester of their 5 semester nursing program you will be placed in. So if you do really well on the test, you could only need to do 2 semesters to become an RN. I am still in the process of being on a wait list and finishing my prereqs but I would look into them!
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    ok thx!!!
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    I just went through the Brookdale LPN to RN program and it was great. 6 weeks and I already completed the first 3 nursing semesters. The waiting list is between 1 - 2 years.
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    oh i dont need no waiting list i want to start RN school this september!!!!