LPN program @ Vo-Tech in Piscataway

  1. Has anyone attended or know someone who has attended the LPN program @ the Vo-Tech in Piscataway? I'm looking into schools that are close to home with the hours and tuition that fit my needs. So far it seems that my best bet would be Vo-Tech or Middlesex County College. I am a single mother working full time & looking to go to school in the evenings. I live closer to East Brunswick but the Vo-Tech there is not good from what I hear, everyone is saying that you can't transfer anything that you learn there for your RN (which is what I would like to do a little later). I checked the NCLEX results on this website to see the passing rate for the vo-techs and there is a note that says **LPN programs that are under the jurisdiction of the NJ Board of Nursing** - well, Piscataway Vo-Tech does not have the ** but the Monmouth County vo-tech does -- so is that a bad thing?? should I not consider Piscataway?
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